My holidays reading list 2017

I had some time on my hands over the holidays and read these articles and publications

How I Built And Launched A Chatbot Over The Weekend
Take your idea to functional bot in hours, get real user feedback, and launch before the weekend is over! 🚀

The unlikely history of the #100DaysOfCode Challenge, and why you should try it for 2018

No Zero Days: My Path from Javascript Newbie to Full Stack Developer at Age 30

Why I Left My $100,000+ Developer Job at Google
Do NOT follow your passion

Which JavaScript frameworks should you learn in 2018?

Buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase

Deep Learning Achievements Over the Past Year
Great developments in text, voice, and computer vision technologies———0&gi=9a81bf4d86e0

Mastering Shitcoins: The Poor Man’s Guide to Getting Crypto Rich

A Javascript quirk that will catch you out

Why side projects are so damn important

More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked
I used natural language processing techniques to analyze net neutrality comments submitted to the FCC from April-October 2017, and the results were disturbing.

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