How to install iTerm with oh-my-zsh on Mac OSX

The standard OSX terminal is not really the optimal solution when working a lot with the terminal.
Because of that I would recommend to install iTerm2 in combination with oh-my-zsh to have a better user experience.

  1. Download iTerm here and install it
  2. Download oh-my-zsh via curl
    sh -c “$(curl -fsSL”
  3. Open iTerm and access the options via i + CMD
  4. Go to the Color tab and select a Color presets that you like. I prefer Solarized Dark.

    Where to change the colors in iTerm2
    Where to change the colors in iTerm2
  5. Download a Powerline compatible font to work with the oh-my-zsh theme Agnostic. I prefer Meslo LG M DZ Regular for Powerline.
    You can download it here
  6. Go back to the iTerm preferences and to the Text tab.
    Change the Font and the Non-ASCII Font options to your new font.

    Where to change the font in iTerm2
    Where to change the font in iTerm2
  7. Now change the oh-my-zsh theme to Agnostic by editing the file
    ~/.zshrc via nano or vim.
    Or to any oh-my-zsh theme you like.
    You can find a huge collection here.
  8. Restart iTerm and your .zshrc changes should be applied.
    Done. If everything went as expected your iTerm should look like this:

    Agnoster theme for oh-my-zsh
    Agnoster theme for oh-my-zsh

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