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Every developer has their own recipe to concentrate. Some say music is distracting, others can’t live without it.

For me the later is definitely the case.
From time to time I just love to go into a tunnel and shut everything out with some good tunes.

Not any kind of music though. Lyrics are definitely distracting and pop music would go on my nerves within a minute.

For me Deep House or Electronic Ambient works the best.
Music that is neither annoying, nor irritating.
YouTube is my goto-source to find new tracks from that genre.
It is simply amazing how much variety is available.
From single tracks to full albums to custom mixes.

Here are some mixes that really help me:

Poptartpete – Palmas
PoptartPete - Morning Blunt
PoptartPete – Morning Blunt
Neat Beats - Sleep Cycles
Neat Beats – Sleep Cycles
Shlohmo - Bad Vibes
Shlohmo – Bad Vibes

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