Aggregatsfelder mit Symfony und Doctrine

Dieser Beitrag handelt von einem Thema mit dem wir eigentlich schon oft zu tun hatten und auf die ein oder andere Weise implementiert haben. Und doch stellt es uns immer wieder neu vor die Frage wie man es eigentlich »richtig« macht, ganz abgesehen von Besonderheiten die jeder spezielle Fall mit sich bringt: Aggregatsfelder bzw. Aggregate Fields.

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Why I understand you are using ‘continue’ and why you shouldn’t

Recently I had to help out on a colleagues project, which I was not that familiar with.

First of all this ment to work the code and get a general understanding of what was happening. So after a while I found the spot where I had to put my changes. Implementation was done quickly enough and I was on my way testing.

First test didn’t give me anything. “Hmm.. this should work.. why am I getting no emails?”
Second test didn’t work the way I expected as well “Is my email sending broken?”
The third test was about my general ability of sending and receiving email. At least something was working the way I expected.

So it had to be the general function I was working at and naturally, revisiting the code brought the problem to light. My colleague used a rather cheeky way to abort the foreach loop, which prevented the function from ever reaching my newly implemented lines of code.

This is what I found up the lines:

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Hello world!

“Hello world!” is probably the best possible title for the first post at a blog, which will mainly be about programming.

It represents everything, what the start into something new should be about:

Enthusiasm, hope, interest, curiosity, Abenteuerlust.

The Onemedia dev team actually planned for quite some time to start a blog. We talk alot about Symfony, the PHP eco system, good code, open source and the business in general. And if you talk alot about these topics you always have a thought or two to share. This shall become the place to share these thoughts.

To good times and many interesting interactions.


The Onemedia devs.